Why Should Greyhound Racing Be Abolished.

Firstly in our opinion no animal should ever be used for human entertainment. Unfortunately not everyone feels like this. Greyhounds are big business for the racing industry, and due to people's greed we have an evil trade in animal abuse and exploitation.

Wherever there is money and profits to be made there will always be evil. Animals have no voice and cannot speak up for themselves and sadly due to this they are constantly abused and exploited.

If you believe that humans have rights then why should animals not be afforded the same rights as us?

Greyhounds are not disposable commodities, however some people involved in the the racing industry clearly regard them as such and in fact they have been referred to by an individual within the racing industry as 'units'!!

Dogs are supposedly man and woman's best friend, would you abuse and exploit your best friend in this way? We urge anyone thinking of placing a bet on a greyhound or having a 'night at the dogs' to think again about what you are supporting. The racing industry has blood on its hands and anyone who supports it shares their guilt and shame.

Greyhound racing is referred to as a sport, we consider it to be a blood sport, in fact it is no sport at all and there are no winners in this, only disposable losers.

A recent damning report from the government proves that there are huge numbers of greyhounds (thousands) every year unaccounted for and missing therefore presumed dead, additionally thousands of puppies are bred and killed every year when they are considered unsuitable for racing.

Some greyhounds are left to rot in trainers kennels, forgotten and neglected. We have rescued many greyhounds over the years and one case in particular was a greyhound a couple of years ago that was left in a dark shed, she now has a wonderful home, the owner after not being able to race her anymore just left her in this dark stinking hell hole (See photo below).

David Smith from County Durham shot (with a captive bolt gun) approximately 10,000 greyhounds over a ten year period and buried them on his land, a service he provided for trainers who did not want their greyhounds anymore. We fear that some greyhounds may have been buried alive, as a boltgun as used in abattoirs does not always kill an animal outright and sometimes only stuns them.

A recent article in the Sunday Times now exposes young healthy greyhounds being killed in the UK for their sacred body parts, only to be sold to the Royal Veterinary College. There have been many more scandals that have been exposed by the media and we feel sure that there are many other undiscovered cases waiting to be exposed.

Something else that needs to be considered and is a very valid point, is the estimated figure of 10,000 NON- greyhound dogs being put to sleep every year. These dogs have either been abandoned or are just simply unwanted and often have nowhere to go as sanctuaries are already full to the brim, now add the huge surplus of unwanted greyhounds from the racing industry to this desperate situation. Once greyhounds are considered to be passed their sell by date, the majority of them will be no longer wanted, (it is estimated approximately 10,000 greyhounds retire every year). Some of these dogs will be lucky enough to be re-homed, however many thousands will die either by euthanasia or from a bullet in the head, drowned, poisoned, etc. You could argue that for every greyhound that is lucky enough to be put into rescue, another non-greyhound dog dies because the space that would have been available for the non-greyhound dog has now been taken up by the unwanted greyhound. So not only are thousands of greyhounds killed every year as a result of this evil industry, but also the lives of thousands of other dogs are affected.

So after reading all this do you think greyhound racing should be abolished because of its inherent cruelty? The answer of course should be 'yes' and in time this will happen as more people learn about the plight of the racing greyhound and as a consequence of this will boycott greyhound racing.

You can help too by supporting the campaign to be rid of this evil industry that kills and exploits man's best friend. Please visit http://www.greyhoundmuses.com to learn about the plight of the racing greyhound and be an eternal voice for these sentient beings.

Helen Stevens.
Greyhound Crusaders.
'Pioneers for change'

Hell hole

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