A Day At Greyhound Rescue.

You're through to Greyhound Rescue, hold on I'll get a pen,
May I have your details - did you say there were ten?
I cannot take them all at once, I simply don't have room,
What is this mad world coming to? I'm sick of all the gloom.

I'll take the bitches, get them spayed and vaccinate them too,
Then take the dogs and neuter them, what am I going to do?
Leave it with me, I'll ring you back when Jeff can pick them up,
What is it you're saying? The bitches are in pup!

It really is distressing, when will it ever end?
With cruelty cases coming in, with broken bones to mend.
You only have to see their face and look into their eyes
To know how much they've suffered, it makes you want to cry.

Still we must try and help these hounds before it is too late,
Before the Greyhound mountain meets its evil fate.


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