A Day to Remember.

It was Sunday morning, the sun was shining and the breeze was blowing warm on my face. I could see through the bars of my kennel people arriving with their families and pets. All the dogs seemed happy and children were laughing. It was a fun day and dog show here at the kennels, and every time some one walked past, I would wag my tail, maybe they would stop and look at me, or even consider giving me a home. Jan, our saviour, looked after us well and tried so hard to get us a home, but there are so many of us who desperately need a home of our own, being an old dog I was at the back of the queue, there were dogs a lot younger and prettier than I was, so the chances of me finding a forever home were poor, still, I could dream couldn't I?

My eye caught an older woman and man coming through the gates, with them they had an old greyhound, and an old blue whippet and a tiny dog with no hair on. I had never seen one like that before. As they got closer, I heard her say it was a Chinese Crested and she was nineteen! Well, whatever it was, it looked cute, it even wagged its tail at me. Then the woman came into our kennels. I thought maybe this time I might get lucky and she will take me home, after all, she has old dogs. My excitement was short lived because Jan took a lovely black greyhound out instead. He was being silly with the little Chinese Crested, so Jan brought him back, and took another greyhound out to meet her. That did not go down well either. Then, the woman herself came into the kennel block; I held my breath, as she looked at all the dogs. She passed me by, then came back and looked straight at me and said, "That's the one".

"Oh, joy of joys, she has chosen me. I was taken outside to meet Jessica, a ten year old greyhound, Smokie a nineteen year old whippet, and Emily, the Chinese Crested. The woman was called Pat, and she asked if she could take me home instead of putting me back in the kennels. Jan said yes, and I was taken for a new collar and lead and after they had signed my papers and paid the fee, I went to stand with my new family. I had a mum and dad of my own, and lots of brothers and sisters at home. The old whippet won first prize at the dog show, and Emily, the Chinese Crested won a second and fourth prize, but I won the best prize of all, a home.

I had just arrived from Ireland and I had been used as a breeding machine all of my life until I had complications with my last litter. That is when I was thrown out. Life is now wonderful, I have as much food as I can eat, a warm bed and lots of friends. My mum keeps hugging me and telling me how beautiful I am. My best friend is Jessica the old greyhound. This is going to be my first Christmas in a home, already they have bought me and Jessica new red fluffy jackets to go out walking in. My friends are still in kennels waiting for a home; maybe you could adopt one of them and give them a forever home. If you want a quiet couch potato, then adopt a greyhound.

Love Emma

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