A Friend in Blue.

Just hours away from death - starving and ill,
Lay a dog in a ditch - he looked so still.
No fur on his body, no flesh on his bones,
All you could hear were soft, muffled moans.
So cold, almost frozen and heartbroken he lay
On that cold, wet windy October day.

Then a figure in blue bent over the dog,
He cried as he touched him and started to sob.
"Who did this to you? Oh God, you're a sight."
And he started to lift him on that cold, cold night.
He laid the delicate frame in the back of his car
And prayed that the vet's wouldn't be far.

He cried as he handed the dog to the vet,
Not so long ago, this was someone's pet.
The policeman kept asking himself why oh why?
He'd been dumped and abandoned, left there to die.
He's resting at home now, he's lovely and warm
In his bed on the couch, free from all harm.

He may not have long left now to live
But love in abundance I promise to give.
I'll kiss him and hug him and love him to death
Until he takes his final breath.
He'll know that we've loved and cared for him too
Could you have coped, had it happened to you?


This is dedicated to the kind policeman Geoff Dyson, who cared.
We have since named the dog SOLDIER.

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