A Greyhound's Eyes.

I am one of the lucky ones
I have found my place
Love and kindness all surround me
A smiling happy face.

I mourn still though
Despite this fact
Of the other horrid acts
My brothers and sisters have to suffer
No toys and no playing
No bedding and covers.

In my dreams I chase them
I want them all to see
ďCome with me Iíve found a placeĒ
ďMy friends come back with meĒ

But they never follow
They run into the light
For they never ever learn
It is a hopeless plight

So in my sleep I cry for them
In my sleep I try
To catch them up and bring them home
They shouldnít have to die

My friends I wonít forget you
Like the others would
My friends I wonít forget you
And no-one ever should

I will live a happy life
That I canít deny
A happy home
With love and bones
Iím glad I did not die

Iíll make sure youíre remembered
Iíll carry your spirit with me
In my face and soulful eyes
Itís your pain they will see


By Helen Peake and dedicated to her dog Trooper.

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