I was born to run and chase,
I thought my heart wouldnt stand the pace.
I ran to make someone very rich,
Then came the words time to ditch.

I left the high life of the race,
Then sadly enclosed in a wooden case
With tears in my eyes not even goodbye,
You turned away leaving me to cry.

I remember the journey oh how long,
Won't someone tell me what I did wrong.
Alone and frightend in this crate
I know I was in an awful state.

Over months in the kennels I made some friends,
Was this going to be my very end?
I've always done what I was told,
Is this it until I grow old?

Someone would come and take me for a walk,
Along the lane they would talk.
Another friend would bring me my dinners,
To Denise we were all her winners.

A birthday bash how wonderful
Humans and dogs coming for tea.
They were all enjoying themselves,
Everyone, but not me.

The door on my pen opened wide
And I was led to go outside,
And there you were smiling at me
I placed my head against your knee.

No-body likes a black dog you see,
Why should you be interested in me?
A gentle hand embraced my face,
I felt my heart begin to pace.

Her name is FAIRY I heard them say,
Would you like to walk her today?
I just looked into your eyes of blue
And instantly knew I LOVED YOU.

Time for everyone to go home,
Please don't leave me all alone.
You gave me love and such a fuss
Then the words, "You are coming with us."

I cried when I got into the car,
There was ROCKY who said "its not to far."
He laid down along my side
I looked at him, he was my guide.

I've walked beside you from the start,
You have always loved me with all your heart.
I know what you're thinking without looking at you,
Your loves undying, warm and true.

As I walk pass your comfy chair
Your hand reaches out, you're always there.
Hello little Amber you always say,
Always you make it a special day.

I am no longer FAIRY, scraggy and thin,
AMBER's my name, beautiful outside and in.
I cannot go anywhere unless you come to,
I thank the doggy GOD he gave me you.

ROCKY and I AMBER together all day,
With ANNIE and LEXY Greyhound friends we play.
Walks in the parks we have such fun,
Gone are the days that I had to run.

We all run free our tails held high,
And as I look up in the sky
I count my blessings one by one,
I see only blue skies and the sun.

September 18th and its my birthday,
Annie, Lex and Rocky come to play.
Then there is a big surprise,
A birthday cake before my eyes.

At the end of the day ROCKY and me tucked up in bed,
You both bend to kiss us and each stroke our head.
We have never been showed such love before,
Someone did me a favour when they shut that door.

We are so happy and glad we found you,
The love that you give us is faithful and true.
Never so happy have we two been,
We have you two, our King and Queen.

When I look back at those early years
I now know it was full of fears.
I have blocked them out of my memory,
Now there's Rocky, Dad, Mum, and ME.

The four of us live day to day
And I have a special part to play.
I belong to a loving family

Rocky and Amber.

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