Below is a list of articles that I and others have written to try to inform the general public about the barbarous cruelty within the greyhound racing industry. Some of the articles are also elsewhere on the web site in a different guise but I thought it would be a good idea to have them all together on this page as well. As with everything on Greyhound Muses please feel free to use them to make people aware that when they bet on a greyhound race they are actively supporting and condoning cruelty and death to beautiful greyhounds.

The Power of One.
Over breeding.
The Big Cover Up.
A Call For Help.
The abuse of the Greyhound
Death in the fast lane.
Why should Greyhound racing be abolished.
A letter from Tom.
A Letter to Rosina.
Greyhound racing.
The Decline of the Greyhound Racing Industry.
What about the ones that don't make the grade?