A brindle Lurcher going grey, came into rescue yesterday.
His head held low his body frail, did I see a waggy tail?
I knelt beside him and kissed his head, then showed him to his nice warm bed.
He'd been abused, left on the street, he tried to walk on his sore feet.
Late that night we snuggled up, my dear old Lurcher, "Banjo Pup".
When morning came his eyes looked bright, coz he'd slept in my bed all night.
He ate his food and all was well, he looked so happy I could tell.
The weeks went by and he grew strong, then late one night things went wrong.

He couldn't stand, his legs grew weak. I held him close, I couldn't speak.
I knew his time was at an end, his poor old legs I couldn't mend.
His eyes grew dim, he looked at me and licked my hand, his one last plea.
Please stop the pain and let me go. My Banjo Pup, I love you so.
I kissed his head and held him tight, and whispered low "Banjo, good night."
A gentle spirit full of love went to live in heaven above.
So short a life and full of pain, left on the streets in frost and rain.
He's gone back home to God above where he can rest in peace and love.
Goodbye old man, it's not the end, my special loving little friend.


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