Barry Horne 6 years gone, Sunday 5th November 2007.


Just a reminder that on Sunday 5th November 2008 it was 7 years since Barry Horne died in prison after carrying out a series of hunger strikes against government support for vivisection. It's clear Barry was ahead of his time, as this is an issue which today is even more in the spotlight than ever before. The Government has pledged 100 million of taxpayers money to help to build the Oxford University animal lab, having already spent millions protecting companies such as HLS, providing them with insurance and banking facilities. At the same time the government is passing laws to protect the corrupt vivisection industry and to criminalise opponents.

Barry became world famous in the late 1990's as the animal rights prisoner on hunger strike against animal experiments, but this was just one side to his long career in animal activism. Barry was a committed vegan and took part in campaigns against all animal abuse; he was a hunt saboteur for many years; he was an ALF activist who personally rescued many animals from a terrible fate, he was convicted for an attempt to rescue one of the last dolphins to be kept in captivity in this country; He was also one of the movements most prolific economic saboteurs causing millions of pounds of damage to animal abusing companies and individuals; He worked and lived at various animal sanctuaries around the country; he did street stalls and produced newsletters and leaflets. In the end he made the ultimate sacrifice for the struggle to end animal cruelty.

The best way to pay tribute to Barry on the 6th anniversary of his death is to be out there fighting the cause he was prepared to give his life for. On or around the weekend of Monday 5th November please remember Barry whatever you are doing for the animals. Why not dedicate your actions to Barry's memory, whether it's doing a demo, leafleting or an info stall, sabotaging a hunt, rescuing animals or taking direct action to make animal abuse less profitable.

We will be marking the date with a tribute page on the website, and whatever you are doing, we would love to hear your messages of support and tributes to Barry, as well as details of your actions for the animals.

To read an account of Barry's heroic prison struggle against the UK government, see

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