We've been friends, you and I for many a year,
I've laughed and we've played, I've shed a few tears.
I'd bounce on your bed and snuggle up close,
Then I'd lick all your face and you'd kiss my wet nose.

I jumped in the bath and our mum, she went mad,
She screamed and fell over, then shouted for dad.
There was water and bubbles all over the floor,
You screamed with delight, so I splashed a bit more.

Dad ran up the stairs, he too slipped and fell
On soap that had fallen, he started to yell.
Mum's hair was all wet, her clothes were a mess,
Dad started to swear about our Tess.

She's only a dog, just give her a chance,
At this point my whippet started to prance,
Oh no, not again, you're really in trouble,
You've used all mum's soap and liquid bubble.

There's mounds of white froth floating around,
You bark and I laugh but Mum makes no sound.
"Get out of that bath now, I've just had enough!"
"My hair's full of soap and sticky stuff."

Tess started to bark, she wants to go out,
"Oh God, not again," my dad starts to shout.
He opens the door, our Tess starts to run,
Biting the cat and having some fun.

There's a scream, then a bark and a rattle of tin,
Our Tess has just slung our cat in the bin!
So far so good, She runs round the house,
I hope she can't see my little pet mouse.

Too late, she has spied it - she jumps on it's cage,
Mum stands in the doorway shaking with rage.
"Right stop!" my mum screams, "I can't stand any more,"
As she marches us both right through the front door.

We're sent straight to bed 'cause we're both in disgrace,
For making a mess all over the place.
Tess looks up at me and I start to laugh,
All the trouble we've caused, whilst having a bath.


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