A golden Lurcher walked over to me
With pain in her eyes, and as thin as could be.
She held her paw and came to my side,
In a couple of days she would have died.
Gangrene had taken hold
Her leg had been broken, so I'm told.

Within a day she lost her leg,
But soon recovered, I had to beg
The vet to let her come home
So she could be happy and safe from harm.
The vet's assistant wanted her too
Whatever are we going to do?

I'll ring the rescue and ask for Pat
She'll sort them out, I'm sure of that!
Very soon we were on our way
To pick up Becky, our little stray.
We paid the bill then off we went,
To Greyhound rescue we were sent.

As we arrived Pat opened the door
There were Greyhounds and Lurchers all over the floor!
I've never seen so many hounds
In beds, on chairs all over the ground.
We gave her a chance and we cared for her too,
Could you have helped if she'd come to you?


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