Just another black Greyhound.

The kennel was full, of long hopeful faces
All now finished with track and done with the races.
Each has a name, each a story
Some lingering thoughts, of former glory.

White, brown, striped or plain
Big, small, shy and some lame.
All now reside in this canine pound
Still daring to hope that a home will be found.

My senses were reeling and my eyes open wide
To see so many as I stepped on inside.
They came to the bars that kept us apart
To catch my attention and tug at my heart.

There in the gloom something twinkled and shone
I blinked for a moment and then it was gone.
Wandering on over, perhaps more to see
Just another black Greyhound, his name was Alfie.

He was big and black, with a large white chest,
In physical stature, he was there with the best
But something else special pulled me so strong
Just another black Greyhound? Wrong, wrong, wrong!

He exuded life, love and fun,
Wanted a hug and wanting to run.
An instant new playmate, or an old trusted friend
A kindred spirit on which to depend.

I enjoyed walking with him as often as I could
Along the farm track, then round by the wood.
He loved every moment, infectious with glee
A big black Greyhound, my friend, Alfie.

Alfie had a problem with his big old heart,
A disease since a puppy had torn it apart,
He knew time was slipping and sliding away
But lived for the moment and lived for the day!

The last time I saw him those big brown eyes
Were saying goodbye, I now realize.
A lingering hug and a knowing face
Alfie just knew, he had run life's race.

My throat always tightens when I look in his pen,
To picture his face as it was back then.
His body is gone but his spirit runs free,
That special black Greyhound, my friend Alfie

Run free Alfie, run free my young friend.


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