You were a champ, golden and fast
but sad to say this didn't last.
You were passed around from first to last;
no one cared for your glorious past.
Beaten, burnt, and starved,
your beautiful body reduced and halved;
dumped and tethered to a shop,
your beaten body ready to drop.

I saw you first down Pinford Lane,
your sores, your hunger, and pain so plain.
We brought you home one winter's night,
at every sound you just took fright.
Your haunted eyes, your beautiful face,
you still loved and trusted the human race.
For weeks on end you made no sound;
if only once you would bark out loud.
The treats I gave you - to no avail,
you didn't even wag your tail.

One bright morning crisp and clear
you jumped on my bed with a look so dear.
"I love you Mum" you seemed to say,
"let's go out and start to play."
You golden girl so full of grace,
you're with me now in a better place.
Weep no more you golden child,
you stand before us full of pride.
Your days of cruelty are over,
now you're with me living in clover.
We love you so my golden friend,
your days of suffering are now at an end.

This was written by Maggie Sayer about her beloved Bliss.
Bliss has since died, the poem is here as Maggie's tribute to a wonderful dog.


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