When I was a pup I was beaten and I cried
And as I grew up I wish I had died,
Till a lady came for me, my dad called her Pat,
He threw me out and said that was that.
She gave me a hug and said I'd be safe,
I wondered if she wanted a waif.
I know I'm not perfect, I just want to please
As I fly through the air with the greatest of ease.

I chase all the cats and the squirrels too
And anything else that comes into view.
Pat found me a home with Ingrid and Harry,
I wasn't keen on him 'cause my dad's name was Barry.
He beat me with sticks and kicked me too
So my new mum called me "Baby Blue".
I live with a boxer and a lurcher, Jake,
My dad says he's made a terrible mistake.

I've chewed up his car to make it look nice,
What does dad mean, "it's a hell of a price!"
I like my design, it's all my own work
So why does my mum call me a berk.
I emptied her soap powder all over the floor,
Then scattered it round a little bit more.
My mum wasn't pleased, she said I was naughty
But honestly mum, I just wanted to party!

Sampson, our boxer looks awfully grim
So I don't mess around when I'm walking with him.
Our cat is a pest so I give it a shake
And then there's my brother, "Baby Jake".
He's timid and cute with long shaggy hair,
The boxer and lurcher, what a funny pair.
I'm handsome and clever or so I am told,
But my dad is looking incredibly old.

It's my fault he says, with a lopsided grin,
I'm making quite an old man of him.
My mum's quite an angel 'cause she says I'm good
But she also says my head's made of wood.
I'm not really thick; I've just had a bad start,
Someone tried to break my heart.
With patience and love you can do many things,
You'll never know how much love a lurcher can bring.

But if he's called "Blue", then you've problems and strife,
What good would it be without me in your life!!!


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