Blue Bob's Story.

We had been taking in rescued and unwanted Greyhounds for six years when we decided we would take on another poor wee soul. We had recently moved to a bigger house with a bigger garden and our current two 'hooligans', Lizzie the Greyhound and Colin the Lurcher, were really settled so the time felt right. Our first stop was the Dogs Trust re-homing centre in West Calder. They didn't have any Greyhounds but would let us know if one came in. The next day they phoned us, saying that there was a Greyhound called Blue at the Kenilworth re-homing centre. He was extremely frightened of people and they knew it was unlikely that he would be re-homed because of this. If we were interested they would bring him up to Scotland. We said yes immediately and we visited him the day after his arrival. We'd expected to see a very scared wee soul but Blue was beyond scared. He was so psychologically damaged and had clearly been abused. We tried to take him for a wee walk to get to know him, but he wouldn't move at all. He was frozen to the spot and shaking violently. We'd never seen anything like it, and I admit I couldn't stop crying on the journey home. We still went ahead and adopted him, but we knew it was going to take him years to gain some confidence. Luckily he hit it off with our other two straightaway and we hoped that their confidence would rub off on him eventually.

It's been just over a year now and he's going from strength to strength. He's turned into a raving lunatic too! Every morning, he comes down for his breakfast, gets a good bum scratch from me, while staring out the window, making faces at anyone who passes. When we first got him, he used to run and hide when the leads came out. Now, when he feels like a walk, he stands up and starts 'shouting' at the top of his voice and jumping up and down. His one and only trick is lying on his back and waving to us. He also loves to run at me, skid to a halt and start grinning at me! He's come such a long way but is still scared of strangers. One day I'm sure he'll realise not everyone is going to beat him.

We now realise that everything was 'meant to be'. The way he's settled in, the way he's bonded with our other two dogs. But not just that. One day I was browsing the Internet when I came across a database of registered Greyhounds. I already had both Lizzie and Blue's racing names and dates of birth, so I entered them to get their family trees. I had printed them off and sat down to look at them. It was then I realised that everything was 'meant to be'. Lizzie and Blue were related, and not that distantly. This felt like quite a remarkable co-incidence. Both dogs came from Ireland. Lizzie was rescued locally and came to live with us. Blue was found abandoned and was taken to the Dogs Trust re-homing centre in Kenilworth, and then brought to West Calder and from there to us in Fife. We feel that it's just made our wee family even more special.

Fiona E Reekie.


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