Bodie Whippet.

You came with legs distorted,
A broken little man.
Who had done this evil deed?
We'll help you all we can.

We took you home and loved you
The time flew quickly by.
A lovely little whippet,
With dark, mischievous eyes.

The house was full to bursting,
With Greyhounds everywhere.
You had your own big comfy bed,
The sofa or a chair!

The years passed by so quickly,
Your eyes grew dim with pain.
I realised with heavy heart,
That time had come again.

To perform our last good deed for you,
Was very hard to do.
We held you as you closed your eyes,
And said goodbye to you.

Your squeaky duck and fluffy bed,
Lie vacant now you're gone.
You'll always be remembered,
My precious little one.

By Pat Graham


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