Caspers Poem.

The first time I saw you, you were small, white as snow.
One day you were to be mine, little did I know.
You were held proudly by your new owner, tight in his arms.
It didn’t take long for me to be taken in by your charms.
I put you on the scales, and held you close for a while.
you had that new puppy smell, it really made me smile.
So shiny and new, with beautiful big brown eyes,
Your owner was ecstatic, it was no surprise.

The next time I saw you, you’d grown a lot.
Big gangly legs and a long pointy nose,
In you pranced, graceful on tip toes.
That beautiful white coat with huge daft ears,
Up on the scales you went without any fears.
Your big brown eyes and your silly grin,
Everything about you really took me in.

It was almost a year ‘till I saw you again,
A wagging tail you tried to feign.
I could see in your eyes the pain, you were sore,
You were limping badly as you came through the door.

You were chasing your little blue friend, when you were struck by a car.
She didn’t make it, which shows how lucky you are.
I noticed your coat; you weren’t white as snow,
You were red and sore, your head hung low.

Covered in fleas and losing your hair,
All I could do was just look and stare.
I thought your owner loved you, but now I was unsure,
How could he let you get this poor?

What would happen if you could no longer run fast?
No use to him if you’re going to come last.
He needed you for coursing, to chase the hare.
The outcome if you were unable, I couldn’t bear.

The news wasn’t good; you needed an x-ray,
So you came back to get one the very next day.
The conclusion was bad, you needed an operation,
Your owners’ reaction filled me with frustration.

He couldn’t afford to pay the bill.
You just stood there, quiet and still.
It’s was as though you knew what was going on.
Your future looked bleak, your face looked drawn.

I was worried - what was going to happen to you?
And what, really, could I do?
Your owner said he’d be back once he’d made up his mind.
I had my fingers and toes crossed that he would be kind.

For rest of the day I was fretting and I was worried.
I went home to bed; didn’t sleep much thinking of you,
And my feelings for you grew and grew.
At least you had painkillers now; I hoped you were warm,
Tucked up in bed, away from the storm.

The next day was sunny; I knew what I had to do.
I phoned your owner and said that I would help you.
He was going to have you put to sleep,
An injured dog he could not keep.
I had to save you, I couldn’t let you go.
You were in my heart now, that I did know.

I came to your house that day to collect you.
You came to the door to greet me, your tail waving.
I saw your thin blanket on the floor and knew you needed saving.
You will be sleeping in a soft bed tonight my beauty,
Looking after you is now forever my duty.

You jumped in the car like you’d been in it before.
Your owner was crying, sad to see you limp out his door.
He loved you a lot, but you were a worker not a pet,
To me you’ll be a friend, the best friend you can get.

You are safe now; I will give you my best.
No need for you to ever be distressed.
I will soothe your skin and fix your knee,
You are my pet now, my little sweet pea.

It’s taken you a while to get back on your feet
But when I see you out running you make my heart leap.
You may not be as fast as you were chasing hares,
But now you can run free with no cares.

Your almost two now, a handsome big boy,
Many years ahead of us, hopefully all filled with joy.
We are soul mates, it was meant to be.
I will love you forever, this is my decree.

Casper when he first came. See Post Your Pics page 15 to see him as he is now

Casper when he first came. See "Photo gallery" page 15 to see him as he is now.

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