Christmas at Rainbow Bridge.

To all at Rainbow Bridge a peom for me to say,
Xmas is approacing fast each and everyday.
Down here on earth are pressies for us to find,
But over the xmas period you'll be on our minds.

Our little angels playing with god above,
No bitter snow only eternal love.
Xmas will be empty without our pets near,
But one day we'll be together - there is nothing to fear.

My baby Razor plays with you all now,
It's his first Christmas at the bridge, please show him how.
Teach him to chase snowflakes and although we're apart,
Please tell my darling he's always in my heart.

Tell him no matter where I go - wherever I may be,
I hold him close within the heart of me.
This Xmas day I will awake and knows he's there,
watching me eat dinner..I wish he could share.

I will wish him merry Christmas, and then I'll let him go and play,
With Sooty, Flo and all the others on that special festive day.
Choirs will sing and children scream with joy,
Only one thing is wrong...I will miss my baby boy.

Leanne Bingham - Dec 2007


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