Crystal B Disco.

Crystal B Disco

Crystal B Disco was a red brindle dog who wanted a second chance, but never got it. Last January, while racing in Florida, she collided with another dog, hit the rail and died of a crushed skull. She was only three years old. Here is a video of her last race.

This is what dog racing does to young, gentle greyhounds and this is what it will continue to do until this cruelty ends. We were able to stop dog racing in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, but help simply came too late for Die Cut, Echo, Sean and Amy Jo.

Die Cut was paralyzed while racing at Wonderland Greyhound Park and Echo was "euthanized at owner's request" after fracturing her front leg. Two-year-old Sean hit a light post coming around a turn one summer day at Raynham Park. She broke her neck and was listed as "DOA" on Racing Commission records. Amy Jo broke her left hock during a race at Hinsdale and she was immediately destroyed. According to state records, the fracture was so severe that a piece of bone was found protruding from her leg.

Since 2001, we have successfully led the fight to end dog racing at 26 tracks and worked to block expansion to South Africa and other countries around the globe. We mean to keep working until dog racing ends everywhere. But we need your help to succeed!

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