For Dasha.

What do you think when you lie there
With your faraway eyes?
White, grizzled face and unsteady of feet
Always shaky to rise.

What have you seen old man
In your time here on earth?
An old rescued dog who has come to me
In time to lie at my hearth.

I am surely blessed to have known you,
To glimpse what you once would have been.
What others now miss I have for my own
What troubles have you seen?

How many hands have stroked you?
How many have called you their own?
Until you are no longer useful
To the mercy of others youíre thrown.

But you are here now old man
And here you surely will stay,
Mine at last until the end
From you I never will stray.

And when itís time for you to leave
No matter when that be,
Iíll always cherish the time weíve had
And all you have meant to me.

Jackie McCabe.


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