My Life as a Dog: A Diary.

1st week. Today I am one week old.

What a joy to be part of this World!

1 month.

My mother takes very good care of me. She's really an exemplary mother.

2 months.

Today I was separated from my mother. She was very restless and with her eyes bade me good-bye. I hope my new human family will take as good care of me as she has.

4 months.

I have grown very rapidly, everything attracts my attention. There are several children in the house who are like little brothers to me. We play a lot, they pull on my tail and I give them little bites in good fun.

5 months.

Today I was yelled at. My mistress was all upset because I peed inside the house. But I was never told where exactly I should do it. I sleep in the hall now. I was very unhappy about that!

8 months.

I am a very happy dog! I have the warmth of a home, I feel so safe, so protected... I think that my human family loves me. The courtyard is all mine and, oftentimes, I excel myself, digging the ground like my ancestors, the wolves, to hide the food. They never try to teach me anything. It must be all right then, all these things I am doing!

12 months.

Today I am one year old. I am an adult dog. But my masters say that I have grown more than they had expected. How proud they must be of me!

13 months.

Today I was tied up. I was almost unable to move, to catch a sunbeam when I feel cold, or to shade myself when the sun is on high. They say they are going to observe me and that I am ungrateful. I don't understand a thing of what is happening to me.

15 months.

All is changed now... They keep me locked up in the veranda. I feel very lonely. My human family doesn't want me any more. Sometimes they forget that I am thirsty and hungry. When it rains, I don't have a roof above my head...

16 months.

Today they removed me from the veranda. I was sure that my human family had forgiven me. I was so happy that I was leaping with excitement. My tail was working like a fan. What's more, I thought they were going to take me for a walk!!! We took the direction of the highway and, all of a sudden, they stopped the car, opened the door and I got out, happy, thinking that we would spend the day in the country. I don't understand why they closed the door and left. Listen, wait! I barked. They have forgotten me... I run after the car with all my strength. My anguish grew as I started to understand, as I was out of breath and they were not stopping, that they had abandoned me!

17 months.

I looked in vain for the way back home. I am alone and feel lost. On my wanderings, I meet some people with a good heart who look at me with sorrow and give me some food. I thank them with my eyes, from the bottom of my soul. I wish they would adopt me. I would be loyal like none before me! But they just say: poor little dog, it must be lost.

18 months.

Some days ago, I went by a school and saw many children and youngsters like my little brothers. I got closer and a group of those youngsters, laughing, threw a shower of stones at me, just to see who would aim best. One of those stones hit me in one eye and, since, I can't see at all with it.

19 months.

It's incredible. When I was better looking, people took pity on me. I am very weak now, and look awful. I've lost one eye, and people show me the broom when I try to rest in the shade somewhere.

20 months.

I find it increasingly difficult to move. Today, while trying to cross the street, I was hit by a car. I was in the pedestrian crossing zone, but I will never forget the satisfied look of the driver who even praised himself for having hit me. I wish he had indeed killed me! But he only dislocated my hind legs! The pain is insufferable! My legs are not obeying me, and only with great difficulty was I able to drag myself to the grass on the roadside. For ten days I have been exposed to the burning sun, the hard rain, the cold, without food. I can no longer move. The pain is terrible. I am in a very humid place, and it looks like even my hair is falling out. Some passers-by do not even notice me; others say: don't come any closer. I am almost unconscious, but a bit of strength from deep inside forces me to open my eyes. The sweetness of her voice made me react. Poor little dog, look how they have left you, it was saying. With her was a man in a white apron who touched me and said: I am sorry, lady, but this dog won't make it. It's better to help him out of his suffering. The kind lady, tears flowing down her cheeks, acquiesced. As well as I could, I moved my tail and thanked her, with my eyes, for helping me to finally rest in peace. While I was feeling the slight prickle of the needle, before that long lasting sleep, my last thought was: why did I have to be born, if no one wanted me.

Friends, the solution is not to abandon or cast away a dog, but to educate him. Do not turn into a problem for society such a lovable and grateful friend. Help by making the ignorant aware of their ignorance and thus end the ill treatment of all animals, especially that of the strays. Forward this story to as many people as possible. It only takes a minute!!! It's easy just to send people a joke. But it's as easy to spread this highly humanitarian message.

"In the course of his development towards culture man acquired a dominating position over his fellow-creatures in the animal kingdom. Not content with this supremacy, however, he began to place a gulf between his nature and theirs. He denied the possession of reason to them, and to himself he attributed an immortal soul, and made claims to a divine descent which permitted him to annihilate the bond of community between he and the animal kingdom."

Sigmund Freud.


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