The Dog Pound.

Little Wendy was very frail,
With a broken leg and a scraggy tail,
Big dark eyes so full of fear
Don't worry Wendy, help is here.
I knelt beside her and kissed her head
In twenty four hours she would have been dead.

It's sad that the dogs just get one week
Before they're sent to die,
It really is heartbreaking,
You try to reason why.

I can only take three dogs
But what about the rest?
Can't someone out there help them
It really is a mess.

I find it hard to walk away
And leave these souls behind,
It leaves me feeling very depressed
And really troubles my mind.

Eyes filled with fear and heart of lead
To think quite soon they'll all be dead.
With a breaking heart I walk away,
I've only saved a few today.....

Then a stillness descends over the kennels. There is no sign of life. Not a sound to be heard, only the faint drone of an engine in the far distance taking them on their final journey to the vet. Leaving the life they once knew. For some it may be a blessing, for others - who knows? God, please let there be something better in their next lives to compensate for the appalling cruelty afflicted on these poor, lost souls, and may they find eternal peace.


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