The Dream.

I dreamt I'd died and I had gone
To doggie heaven, I hope there's one
Where I can run and mess around
Instead of being in this pound.
Or maybe find a home to live
Where love in abundance I would give.

I'd love to live like other hounds
In pampered homes in fancy towns,
Or maybe I could work the land
Or swim in the sea, or play in the sand.
I'd go to the salon to have a shampoo
Well, what else is there for me to do?

Maybe I'd lie here on my bed
Until it's time for me to be fed.
I'd have a choice of food to eat -
Chicken, turkey or maybe meat.
My owner would fuss and pamper me
And let me sit upon her knee.

There's not much chance of that, I know
I'm just a Greyhound, I must go.
They've come for me to take me out,
I throw a wobbly and try to shout.
My time is up, yes I must die
Oh God, don't do this, I just cry.

Then a lady appeared with leads in her hand
"Is this for me?" ~ I lick her hand.
"I'll take the dogs and this one too,"
Yes, I've been chosen, "how do you do?"
My name is Lucas, ~ I'm four years old,
I promise I'll be as good as gold.

"Don't worry love," the lady said
She knelt beside me and kissed my head.
She says she'll take me home with her
And love and treat me with tender care.
I'll get a bed and lots to eat
I wag my tail, isn't this a treat?

A guardian angel looked my way
And saved my life, what more can I say?
I'm thankful I have found a home
Where I am loved and not alone.
A word of hope to those left behind -
She'll come for you, because she's kind.

Don't worry mates, all is well
You'll be loved too, I can tell.
I love my mum, she's kind and funny
She squeezes me and calls me Honey.
An angel was with me at the pound today
He brought my mum, and showed her the way.

The Dream

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