I've just come into rescue
To "be assessed" and homed,
What is it you're saying?
Of course I have been wormed.
I've had my vaccinations
I'm clean and house trained too
All I need is lots of love
Please give me some, please do.

I'm given chicken for lunch
And sausages for tea,
Now don't forget the sugar
In my cup of tea.
I'd like that big, soft cosy bed
A fireside nice and warm,
Where I can spend the next few years
Free from hurt and harm.

They've come to a decision
I'm much too old to spey,
They'll give me an injection
To keep the boys at bay!
I'm taken off the homing list
My mum says I can stay,
She says I'm very pretty
That's really made my day!

I'm given a brand new collar
Then taken for a walk,
It's wonderful to run and play
In the local park.
Yes, I've landed on my feet
I'm happy now at last
Instead of lying in the cold
As I did in the past.


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