Emmas' Story.

I was on one of my trips to the dog pound to pick up a little old dog that had been abandoned, and as I walked down the row of kennels (death row), I looked at all the pleading eyes that seemed to say, PLEASE TAKE ME. I had only space for one dog; my home was full to bursting with all kinds of breeds. Even though I rescue greyhounds, I cannot ignore the plight of the other old dogs left to die through no fault of their own. Their owners had died and the family do not want the bother of an animal, so they dump it in the dog pound knowing they have only seven days in which to find a home before execution on the seventh day. Finding a home for an old dog is difficult enough, but seven days in which to do it, is just not going to happen.

They just look at you with the resigned expression that this is their fate. Some huddle in a cold corner shaking because they are frightened. I was getting to the end of the row when my eyes fell on a Saluki x Greyhound bitch. She was emaciated, her skin was sore and bleeding and she was bald in many places. She lay on the floor, and as I entered her kennel she came to me very slowly and looked up at me as if to say, “Please take me home”. I put a collar and lead on her, and led her away to the safety of my car.

She lay on a soft duvet wagging her tail, and as I stroked her head, she licked my hand. I felt close to tears as I looked at the awful state she was in, but that could be rectified. So what if I didn’t have enough room for any more dogs, I would just have to make room. Making my way back to death row I wondered how on earth I was going to cope, but I did cope and brought another two off death row as well.

After the usual trips to the vets and a bit of T.L.C. Emma was running around playing with the other dogs. She is now in a wonderful home with her new owner Chris, her dog Russ and her duck, which is called George Elvis!

This story has a happy conclusion, many do not.

It is through the love, care and devotion Chris has given her that Emma is now a well-adjusted happy hound. Looking at her it is hard to think this lovely girl was only 24 hours from execution. She has a wonderful life ahead of her now. After all, IT IS HER RIGHT…

Pat Senior


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