I Face The Day Again.

I face the day again, I wake to lonely pain.
My only wish is for a friend
To save me from my restless slumber,
The days of my life are just a limited number.

I'm not sure what my life has meant,
What will come of all the pain I've endured?
My spirit -
Long ago……lonely and spent.

I gave my all in my racing days,
But like any blood sport-
There's always someone who pays.

I've seen so many others
Who've paid the high price,
Whose lives brutally ended-
With the roll of the dice.

As the cruel ones place bets
I'm on my mark………I get set,
Out of the gates I run,
If I lose- my life is done.

My fragile legs work no longer,
My heart is still beating
But the cruel ones
Are much stronger.

In my mind I'm screaming!
Please let me live!
They don't understand-
I've got so much more to give.

My heart - it still feels,
My soul still survives.
My spirit - they have shattered
But love can make it rise.

Once in a while a rescuer will come,
Out of hundreds of dogs
Whose racing days are done
How do they pick who gets to shine in the sun?

I cower in my wooden cage,
With my soulful dark eyes.
Hoping I will be picked
Despite my trainers lies.

I'm not just broken and tattered
As my body may show,
This is my last chance
To show the love that I glow.

If you don't take me now
I will be sent on the kill truck,
Left to suffer and die
In a field of hard luck.

Where death is a sanctum
In a world full of lies,
It is here that my siblings
And those like us die.

Very few of us will ever know
What it's like to connect with a loving soul.
To fall asleep in a warm place,
And have soft gentle hands stroke our face.

I can be a winner again
If you can find in your heart
Just a little love to lend.

Please extend your hand.
Let me show you how your love will help me
And I will always be
Now and forever your greatest fan.

Lisa M Norris.


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