The fate of a Greyhound.

Walking down the corridor, looking through the bars
We see dogs all shapes and sizes, all with mental scars.
We call ourselves superior, compassionate and kind,
I wonder if you've ever thought what goes on in their minds.

They look to us for love, support and shelter too,
Life really is disgusting from a Greyhound's point of view.
Their racing life is very short, they try and do their best
Then all too soon it's time to go and die with all the rest.

They're drowned or shot, gassed and starved - it really is quite bad,
Some are hit on the head with hammers - it's shocking and it's sad.
We're trying hard to home them, and give them one more chance
As people dump them one by one, without a backward glance.

Next time you're looking for a pet and can't make up your mind,
Be sure to choose a Greyhound, who's lazy, cute and kind.
I know you won't regret it, you'll have a friend for life,
Some are sent for vivisection - and committed to the knife.


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