There's a certain kind of friendship
That is difficult to beat.
And very rare to find
In people that we meet.

Yet every dog that ever lived
Has this gift to bestow-
A loyal, firm devotion
As so many of us know.

Though people judge you by your looks,
Your cash, your job, your car,
A dog is so much wiser-
She accepts you as you are.

You can be a saint or sinner,
Down-and-out or millionaire,
She'll not ask to see your pedigree
Just as long as you are there.

While those around are planning
All their trips to Greece or Spain,
With her you'll find adventure
In a romp along the lane.

Her days are full of pleasure
Yet her needs are very few,
A pat, a meal, a cushion,
A ball to fetch for you.

If others seem to shun you,
Maybe think you're just a bore,
She lets you keep on talking,
Though she's heard it all before.

As she settles close beside you
With her head upon your knee,
There's no place in all the world
That she would rather be.

When many may be missing
In your hour of need and strife,
There's one who's always ready
To defend you with her life.

No matter whether right or wrong
She'll never criticise,
But show her trusting confidence
In clear adoring eyes.

And when her life is ending
From the signs that you can tell,
That joy has turned to misery
And she never will get well.

And the tail that wagged in ecstasy
To greet you at the door,
Is hanging low, and honest eyes
Are sad and shine no more.

It will break your heart to do it
For you know you'll miss her so,
But when active life is over
Then it's kinder to let go.

Just to make her ending easy
Is the last thing you can give,
And let her die with dignity
The way you let her live.

Greyhounds are weird.

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