The Final Journey.

The wind howled through the trees, and there was a cold chill in the air. All was quiet on Death Row, except for the whimpering sounds coming from the kennel block further down the line. That is where the newcomers are placed when they first arrive. Their details are logged in the book in the office, then attached to the kennel door. It’s rather like a production line, the only difference being, there are no finished products to be bought here, Oh no, as you move down the line you get nearer to your execution day. Food is sparse and it is cold, no bedding is required as we are only here for a week.

Yesterday a family came to look at us all, but only one was going to a nice home. They picked a little Yorkie, they said it was quite big enough for the house, and small enough for the children, the rest of us can only wait in anticipation. I’ve never understood why people only want a small dog, when us larger ones can be just as friendly, and we too like to play with children. Well it doesn’t look like I am going to be picked today; I suppose I will have to wait until my time is up. I’ve heard there is a place called Rainbow Bridge, where all the dogs go when they have been put to sleep. My kennel maid say it was a most wonderful place, even more wonderful than a new home. You are made well again, and you get to play in a beautiful place, so I suppose I am privileged to go there. Old Toby went to Rainbow Bridge yesterday, he was ten years old. The kennel maid said that no one wants a Greyhound, let alone an old one. Toby was a gentle chap, who had a good word for every one here, I will miss him. Maybe when I go to Rainbow Bridge I will see him, and we can run and play in the meadows together, that will be nice.

The days passed slowly, and on the seventh day the kennel maid opened the door of Willows kennel, and in walked the vet with his black bag. As the needle entered her front leg, the last thing she saw was the kennel maid standing just outside the kennel with tears rolling down her face.


She went to sleep quickly, but when she awoke, she was surrounded by a golden light that held so much love, and as the golden mist cleared, she saw old Toby standing on a bridge wagging his tail. She had arrived at Rainbow Bridge, and as she made her way to where Toby was standing, an Angel appeared, and as she wrapped her wings around them, she said, “You are now safely home, where you will be surrounded by God’s love, and you need never be afraid again”…

Then they walked into the light together, their tails wagging in unison, whilst far down below on Death Row, another poor soul was put to sleep, without having known love before he died…

Copyright Pat Senior. Pat doesn't mind anyone using this muse to help Greyhounds.

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