The Flaming Bridge.

Just this side of Hell is a place called the Flaming Bridge. When an abused animal dies, it stops by to discuss its life with the Keepers of the Flaming Bridge before continuing on to the Rainbow Bridge. The Keepers of the Flaming Bridge compile a Master List of animal abusers, so that they will be able to recognize them and confront them with their actions when they die.

Across fields of flame roll cries of agony, mimicking the pain inflicted on the innocent animals by their heartless abusers. But the animals are not there crying out - they have gone on to Rainbow Bridge and their just rewards for the innocent lives they have lead. The cries come from the dark cohorts of the Keepers! savage beasts from the worst nightmares of the animal abusers for whom they wait. Patiently, they wait, planning for the day when the abuser arrives. Then one day, their cries grow more urgent. Their eyes burn with an eerie, unearthly glow. Savage glee lights their hideous faces, and as one they turn and run. Faster and faster they run, flying over the ruined land, drawn on by their quarry.

The abuser has arrived at last, and when the pack reaches him they fall upon him to wreak their vengeance. His flesh is flayed from his body as their reeking breath and shrieking laughter fill his agonized consciousness. But he does not die - his pain will continue, forever. Then the pack drags the abuser across Flaming Bridge, down into that special place in Hell reserved just for "people" like him......

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