For The Love Of Abbie.

The feeling of love all around
So quiet and peaceful, not a sound.
I've made it home, it's lovely here
Mum cuddles me, then sheds a tear.
I've brothers and sisters, they check me out
They sniff, and then they run about.
I've been accepted, we start to play,
Oh isn't this a beautiful day?

There's baby Spot and Heidi too
And big black Willow, "How do you do?"
There's old man Skip and Bunnykins
Who always has her head in bins.
Big black Lexus is the star
With looks like hers, she should go far.
Lucy whippet is the boss
In fact, she can get really cross.
It's funny how we all get along,
In Mother's eyes, we can't do wrong.
She worries when we're sick or ill,
It's to the vet's for jabs and pills.

I've only been here for a while,
Mum held me close, gave me a smile.
It's time to see the vet in town,
He shook his head and gave a frown.
Within three days I passed away,
That's why I'm here with Mum today.
I'll always be close by her side,
She did her best before I died.
Don't cry for me, just help the rest,
For me you did your very best.


Abbie died within a week of coming to us, but thanks to Linda Smith of Animal Kingdom she was given a chance to be loved before she died. Linda bought Abbie from a dog pound, as we were too low on funds to get her out. Whilst it's heartbreaking to lose a dog, we try to soldier on.. So thank you Linda, for your help and time.

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