I Wish You Could Have Met My Friend.

I wish you could have met my friend
He was my silent shadow
I cannot see him anymore
But in my heart I know

My friend will always be with me
In my special memories
Years of smiles and snuggling
Alone I will never be.

We met six years ago now
It was a case of love at first sight
Since then he's been my other half
Curled up with me every night.

When others made me shed a tear
My friend, he always knew
He stayed close by my side until my
Frown into a smile grew.

We raced outside, we lay in the sun
We shared our food and treats
But what we really liked to do
Was watch TV showing repeats!

My friend, he liked to play and jump
Chase his favourite toys
But he was the most polite housemate
Never made a noise. ------ (except the snoring!)

I thought we'd be together
To share each and every day
But someone else had other plans -
My friend's cancer came to stay.

Today my friend is with the angels
The tears, oh how they fall…
But he's not here to comfort me
I must try to stand tall.

I wish you could have met my friend
And seen how special he was
I think everyone should know
About my friend because:--

My wish for you all is simple
I hope it does come true
That a friend like mine - My silent shadow
May one day soon meet you.

For Alf, with so much love From Julia 31st August 2006


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