Frodo's Story.

Hi my name is Linda and I have been browsing through your web site and still have tears rolling down my face. I would like to share my story with you if I may.

I have always been a cat lover and could never quite understand the 'BOND' thing with a dog but my husband had always had a dog when he was growing up. We had occasionally discussed having a dog but it never seemed the right time for us or our children and what breed would we have!!

Please excuse if this story goes on a bit but I feel so compelled to share it with you having read the poems on this site.

On 27th December 2003 my husband rang me from work saying one of his colleagues at work was asking if we would be interested in a puppy. The colleague (Rob) had adopted a four-year-old Greyhound (ex - racer) in mid - December and to his utter disbelief, came down to a litter of puppies on Boxing day morning. When he contacted the rescue centre they said they had their suspicions that the mum had been caught by the other ex racer in the kennels. They did offer to take mum and pups back but Rob would have none of that, after all poor Bridie had been through enough already in her four short years.

We said we would think about it, but the strange thing was we seemed to decide very quickly, the time just seemed so right, there was usually one of us at home all the time, the children were old enough to take some of the responsibility, so we read every book we could about the Greyhound, we fell in love before we had even chosen our pup, but the real deciding factor was being so moved and horrified by the treatment of these beautiful creatures. We felt we could at least give something back. Rob had numerous offers of large amounts of money for the pups for racing which he of course flatly refused.

The first time we saw our little man he was 7 days old and what a bundle of mischief he was, the first born and he melted our hearts immediately as we had pick of the litter.

We visited him every week over a 50 mile round journey so we could all get to know each other until he was ready to leave mum. Rob kept one of the bitches and the others were all found wonderful homes.

Our little man is called Frodo and he will be two on the 26th December. I now understand the BOND between owner and dog, but more than that, I believe that there is something more than a bond, something deeper and more trusting. Frodo is my friend, my protector, my companion, he cheers me up with his many facial expressions and talks to me when he is sad or when I just plain stop stroking him for a second while in front of the fire.

For anyone considering a dog that will adore and love you back 100 times more than you give, and that gently reminds you that he will be there for you, a Greyhound is the dog for you. I have attached a photo, and thank you for a great web site I am happy to support any campaign to stop Greyhound cruelty.



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