Will you take me Home?

It was just another busy day here at Hilton House, with dogs to walk and feed and a large house to clean; the phone ringing suddenly interrupted my household duties. An excuse to have a break and a chat I thought, and if I am lucky, a brew.

It was my local vet in Horwich, asking me if I could help him with Gail, a greyhound bitch that had been brought in to be put to sleep. When I asked him what was medically wrong with her, he said, “Nothing, she is a very affectionate girl.” “So, why has she been brought in to be put down?” I asked. “Because her owner has had a stroke, and his wife doesn’t want her,” came the reply. He went on to say that he had been busy at the surgery, and did not get round to doing the job. However, his next comment revealed the real reason. “I bent down to examine her and she kissed me, so how could I do it?”

Within minutes, I was in the car and on the way to pick up my precious cargo. As soon as I saw her, she wagged her tail and kissed me. Now I know why Stephen, our vet, could not put her down. “Hello, beautiful, do you want to come home with me,” I said, putting a collar and lead on her. I did not know if she was small dog friendly, or if she would fit in with my already bursting to the seams house! Our vet treated her for a flea allergy, and wormed and vaccinated her at no cost to me. She also had to have two lots of antibiotics for her skin and ears so yes, she was better off living with me.

When we arrived home I introduced her to the rest of the dogs who were happy to see her, and so she settled into the ‘mad house’ nicely. A couple of weeks before, I had rescued a greyhound called Jessica from death row at the pound, and it is Jessica who has befriended Gail and sleeps with her. In fact, they are inseparable. I call them my 'cheeky girls'. Read Jessica’s story called The Girl Who Stole Hearts.

I had a fabulous home for my girls with Sue, a very close friend of mine, but I cannot bear to part with them. Sue has rescued a big black greyhound called Bartie from the tracks and he is as mad as a March hare! Sue helps with the dogs if I go on holiday, which is virtually never, and I have her old whippet Smokie, who comes to me for his holidays, but this time he never went back.

Below is a photo of Gail, relaxing on the settee with Smokie, myself and Timmy, an old Yorkie who is terminally ill and might not be with us much longer. Whatever life throws at these poor hounds, I will always be there to pick up the pieces, and hopefully give them a bit of time in the sunshine with lots of TLC. If more people did a little bit we could achieve so much, and make a difference to the unloved and unwanted.


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