For one reason or another thousands of Greyhounds find themselves unwanted each year, the numbers reach genocidal proportions. An estimated 90,000 Greyhounds were born to produce the 30,000 racing in England in 1998. Less than 10% of these would have their rightful lifetime. Most of the others would not make 4 years old. Their murders would range from clinical to barbaric and worse.

The Greyhounds are often kept in abysmal conditions, sometimes for ridiculous lengths of time. Some are confined in cramped kennels between visits to the track, which could be 2 or 3 week intervals. Small wonder some Greyhounds look enthusiastic at the track. There can be few as abused as the Greyhound. So much indifference and so little care to such marvelous and so magnificent individuals.

(Written by an ex-racing enthusiast.)

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