Gentle Greyhound.

Come gentle Greyhound; rest your head in my hands,
And let me rescue you from this place if I can.
This place of sorrow, abuse and neglect,
And I will give you a better life where you can forget.

I look into your eyes and see sorrow and pain,
Which was caused by man for his pleasure and gain.
I feel your body tremble, and hear your sad cry,
Your eyes look deep into mine, as I nearly pass you by.

You look at me and you shake with fright,
As tonight is to be your very last night.
They no longer want you, as you lost your last race,
Your kennel is wanted for another to take your place.

You lean into my arms, and fawn at my touch,
And my eyes water, I already want you so much.
Your eyes light up as I look down at your gentle face,
And you follow me willingly away from that place.

You smile at me, as only a Greyhound can,
As you lay contentedly in the back of my van.
Gentle Greyhound good times are ahead,
With warmth and love, and a nice soft bed.

My love for you will never wane,
And you will never know sorrow again.

By Sue Stoddart. A lady who cares.


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