Gods' Angels.

We're put on this earth to do what we can
To be kind to all animals and our fellow man
Some do this well and some can't do it at all
But a few special folk do hear Gods call.

The folk that take in all Gods waifs and strays
Give them love and care till the end of their days
They're special beyond the words I can reach
They just get on and do - have no need to preach.

But as each waif passes on to live at Gods side
Another small part of the carers' heart dies
For to give so much love is a selfless thing
When you know from the start the pain it will bring.

So although right now the pain is still raw
Take heart from knowing it's you they adore
And when your turn comes in the fullness of time
The dogs that you loved will be waiting in line.

'Till then they'll be close, not far from your side
They'll lick away tears that fall from your eyes
And when you feel the bed dip in the night
Know that they're with you - just out of sight.

For the love that you shared can never die
It's only farewell, never goodbye
The dogs that you love, you will meet again
'Till that time arrives they're your faithful friends.

By Trudi Goodwin.


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