A Greyhounds Sunset.

Evening sunsets, summer breeze
Cherry blossom hanging trees.
Terracotta pots of flowers
Lying in the sun for hours.
Translucent greens from light to dark
Bursting forth from every bark.
Leaves that stretch up to the sun
Children laughing, having fun.
Hosepipes spurt out golden rain
To water granddads' grassy plain.
Apples hanging from their boughs
In the sun lie sleepy cows.
Water bubbling in its bed
And birds are singing overhead.
Nature's beauty all around
But none can touch a big Greyhound.
Elegant, sleek, soft velvet ears
The plight of the Greyhound holds many tears.
Tortured, dumped and left to die
What I want to know is.....WHY.
They've hurt a limb or are slow to race
Death now looks them in the face.
Holidays, sunshine, sea and sand
Flying to exotic lands.
Stars that twinkle in the sky,
Silver moon glides slowly by.
Barbecue parties, lots of wine,
People meeting, it's summer time.
Behind the scenes there's hurt and pain,
The Greyhound didn't win again.
Excess baggage, surplus trash
Kill the hound, there's no more cash.
Evening sun sets again
For the poor Greyhound life stays the same.


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