Greyhound Racing.

Never has there been a more gentle and intelligent animal. Never has there been an animal more exploited, solely for the purpose of entertainment and profit. Greyhounds are overbred, neglected, abused and ultimately killed when they are no longer profitable. Greyhound racing simply cannot exist without breeding and disposing of large numbers of greyhounds. It is a profit-driven industry and kennel revenues will always win out over the welfare of the dogs. It is an irresponsible industry that breeds thousands of puppies every year WITHOUT any plan for what happens to them after they have outlived their usefulness. No plan other than killing them or relying on adoption groups to take them.

The many adoption groups that have sprang up around the country have saved countless lives. Their volunteers work tirelessly for no monetary gain out of their love for the dogs. Unfortunately they are not the solution. They treat the symptoms but can't cure the disease. Thousands, yes, thousands of greyhounds are killed every year despite the best efforts of adoption groups. The only solution is to end this cruel and inhumane industry called greyhound racing. Short of banning the sport, which the weak and spineless british government will never do, there are things we can do NOW to accomplish this.

Most importantly, don't patronize dog tracks. Not ever. Don't support any legislative attempts to prop up the industry such as installing slot machines at race tracks and giving tax subsidies to failing tracks and kennels. Tell someone about the plight of the racing greyhounds. Volunteer your time. Contribute your money. Donate food and supplies. Foster a greyhound that is waiting for his forever home. Adopt a greyhound...or two! Get involved however you can and help save a life. The racing greyhounds need all the help they can get.

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