The Greyhound's Prayer.

Dear Lord, as I lay down to sleep upon my bed,
And try to rest my weary head.
I am but a humble Greyhound that wants to pray,
As darkness falls at the end of another day.

My sore legs once carried me so fast and fleet,
And had the people perched on the edge of their seats.
That made them shout my name as I rushed past,
And made me want to push on and go fast.

It's over for me now that my body is spent,
And they no longer care where I might be sent.
Now I hear them say, that I am no more,
And it is my turn to be shown the door.

I only ask for two things when I pray,
As I know that I only have one more day.
That I might be found a home where I will be saved,
And not to be dumped in a cold unknown grave.

A good home that will be loving and kind,
And understand a simple Greyhound's mind.
But Lord if this is not to be,
Then let my poor life end painlessly.

And grant me a place by your side,
Where I can sit and watch the clouds go by.

By Sue Stoddart.


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