A Greyhound Waiting.

They're coming to choose a dog today
Let it be me - PLEASE let it be me!
I'll be so good in every way, if they'd only choose me
Please let it be me!
I've waited so long for a home of my own
With someone to love me - no longer alone.

I must try to keep calm and not show how I feel
Or they'll think I'm too lively, but it's hard to keep still.
With my heart beating madly I wait patiently,
Then suddenly they're here - they're looking at ME.

They smile at me and tickle my nose,
Then move to the next dog in the rows.
My moment has passed, it was not to be
Perhaps I was foolish to think it could be me.

But wait - they're back, they've entered the run,
They give me a cuddle and say, "That's the one?"
Oh joy of joys, they've chosen me
At long, long last, it's going to be ME!!


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