This poem was written by Jackie McCabe about a lovely greyhound who was loose in the wilds of Scotland near Fife for many weeks. She was finally saved and is now looking for a new home. She has been named Gypsy.


Small and scared and hungry too
Where is Dad, what will I do?
This is not my home, where have they gone?
I search all night then sleep at dawn.

Huddled up underneath some trees
Get up, keep moving, or else Iíll freeze.
So hungry now it hurts inside
Too scared to hunt, just want to hide.

Finally itís just too much to bear,
I need to eat and thereís food out there.
A rabbit, look there it goes
But I am a l hunter quick on my toes.

At last I do what I have been bred to do,
For hundreds of years to hunt for you.
This time for me, to save my life
I catch it easily and at last, respite.

But the Winterís long and I am alone,
I see some people trying to coax me home.
But who are they and what do they want from me?
I am so scared I turn and flee.

Yet still they come and try and try,
I want to go, but am too shy.
At last they have me what is my fate?
Will I be beaten, starved? But wait.

They cuddle me and stroke my face,
Take me to a nice warm place.
Yummy food and a comfy bed
Is this heaven? Am I dead?

All I need now is to get a home
With a family of my own.
People who will understand
I am a hunter bred by man.

I do what I do because thatís what was wanted,
You asked me to hunt and your wish was granted.
How I would like to be wanted for me
Not for what I can do, where at last I am free.

My name is Gypsy please take me home.


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