Help and Tips.

We have been working with Greyhounds and Lurchers and indeed all kinds of dogs for very many years now, and although we don't pretend to be experts in veterinary science, we have picked up some things that might be helpful to other Greyhound lovers. Therefore this section of the web site will try to pass on helpful hints that we have come across, and even tips about health care from reputable sources.

If anyone visiting the site has any good suggestions from their own experience and would like to pass on their tips for the benefit of all Greyhounds, please send me an e-mail. and I will be pleased to consider your idea. We hope you and your dog will benefit from one or more of our tips.

Katie and her boyfriend, Copper
A tip about feeding your Greyhound.
Feed twice a day.
Protein Levels in Food.
How to pick up your dog.
Essiac, an alternative treatment.
How heat and cold affects your Greyhound.
Heatstroke in Greyhounds.
Keep your dog safe in summer.
Pulling on the lead?
Greyhound collar security.
Greyhound lead security.
Greyhound Blood Differences.
Signs of premature ageing (dementia).
Adopting a Greyhound.
Poisonous Substances.
Artificial Sweeteners.
Laminate floor phobia.