What had happened to my big strong boy
Before He came to me,
To make him shake and cower
The demons only he could see.

A racing greyhound was his life
To make money for other’s gain,
Faster Henry Faster
No one cared about his pain.

Walked around the yelling crowd
So they could see his style.
They run to put their bets on,
“Oh he’ll win by a mile”.

Bundled into the starting cage
Where his fear is rife,
The gates fly up, and he is off
Running for his life

How did you do it Henry?
However did you cope?
You were so scared of everything
Did you ever dare to hope?

You came at last to the dog’s home
Hurting, thin and scared.
“What IS this place?” You must’ve thought,
A place where people cared.

They fed you and they loved you
And tried to ease your fears,
But you were so terrified
You moved everyone to tears.

Then at last, you came to me
How I loved you from the start.
I looked into your gentle eyes
At once you claimed my heart.

“I’ll fix you baby” I whispered
As I held you close to me,
I will make you happy
I will help you to be free

And I did baby, I did it
You evolved before my eyes
Who knew you could be so goofy
Freedom at last, your prize.

You loved me too, I know you did
That way you used to stare
And to nuzzle me, and nip my bum
We made a right old pair.

You’ve gone now baby, far too soon
I had so much more to give
To show you things, and much more love
Oh if only you could live.

I’m sorry Henry I wasn’t there
When your angels came
Forgive me, please forgive me
I cannot bear this pain.

I’ll see you again, I know it
Please just wait for me
And when it is my time, I’ll look for you
Until then …….Run Free.

I’m sorry Honk Honk.

Jackie McCabe.


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