It is no wonder I hate men when all they do is kill.
Ok, maim some poor old Lurcher, and let me foot the bill.
We had a call the other day to say that they had found
A Lurcher with his throat all cut, lying on the ground.

We took the frightened Lurcher in and stitched his awful wound.
God, what's the dammed world coming to? the dog, he made no sound.
I held his body close to me and kissed his furry head,
It makes me mad to think that soon, our Hero would have been dead.

He wags his tail and cuddles up, so he can get a love,
Our big brave Hero is a star we think the whole world of.
When I think of what he's been through it makes me want to cry,
Why people inflict such cruelty, I've just stopped reasoning why.

The terror that he went through, the pain he felt inside,
Makes my blood boil to remember how our Hero nearly died.
I watch him while he's sleeping, and hear his gentle sighs,
God bless him and protect him, until the day he dies.


Hero was a gentle Lurcher who had been left for dead after having his throat cut. He had 32 stitches in his wound and has now recovered from his ordeal, and has found a lovely home in Lancashire, England.

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