Holiday Hell.

My family went on holiday, so they took me to the kennels for mine. It was very basic, no heating and the food was sparse too. I was supposed to be there for two weeks, and was desperate to go home, but the weeks turned into months, and life was grim. It became obvious they were not going to come back for me, not now or ever. My heart was sad and my spirits low, how could they do this to me? I had given them ten years of my life and this is how they repaid me. Yes, trust is a deadly disease, and now I am paying the price for trusting them. I was moved to death row where all the strays wait until they are executed after seven days. Some dogs are homed, but my age was against me, no one wanted a thin old dog.

Terrified of my fate, I lay in my kennel waiting for the vet to put me to sleep, all the time hoping my family would come back for me. It was early one Sunday morning when the staff at the dog pound opened my kennel door. I thought this is it, I must meet my fate with dignity, my suffering was now over, and at least I would not be locked in a cold kennel anymore.

I was taken to the office where a man was waiting for me. He stroked my head and said, “Hello Fay, you are coming home with me.” I was very wary, as I sat on the back seat of the car; I only hoped that who ever this man was, he was going to take me to a better place. After a long drive, we arrived at a place called Hilton House. There were so many old dogs, and two of them had come from the same place that I had. They all wagged their tails at me, and immediately I felt safe. My nails were so long I could hardly walk, so a trip to the vets was necessary. I was given antibiotics and a good check over. When I got back home, I was given a good feed. I was starving, so I ate my meal very quickly, and then I was taken for a walk with a couple of the other dogs.

I have now settled in, and I am very happy. I know this will be my forever home, because my new mum and dad rescue greyhounds and old dogs. I have been given a second chance, so I am very blessed, and I love my new family to bits.

If you are looking to adopt a dog, visit the dog pound, there are so many to choose from, and you will be saving a dog like me. Here is a photo of me with my new owner.

Love Fay xxx


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