How much is that puppy in the window.

My bones ache, my muscles are sore, so tired I have grown,
I sit within the small confines of this tiny cage I call home.

Many friends surround me, lots of different breeds,
They too share my aches and pains, with no humans to tend our needs.

I am a bitch or so they call me, I hear it's not a bad name,
Lots of puppies I have whelped, to them its just a game.

I sit and watch day after day, so many puppies being born,
Where do they go, what happens to them, when from their Moms they're torn?

I can see the grass growing tall and green, I long to sniff and feel it.
I've never walked upon that field nor have they let me near it.

Instead I walk upon this screen, so hard, so rough, so cold.
My feet ache, my toes are sore, I'm exhausted and feel so old.

My friends have told me they lived in places, long before this one,
Where humans touched them every day and with children they could run.

I long to have just one human pet and kiss me, and maybe play a game.
I know it will never happen, but I wish it all the same.

Instead they bring another dog and toss him in with me,
Another litter I must bear, there's no end that I can see.

The little girl that sits beside me, cried out the other day,
She screamed out loud then she went limp and the pups were taken away.

She was gone but just a day, when her sister was beside me,
She too had some more puppies, so small and weak and tiny.

The other day they came and checked me, while my puppies were being born,
"This one's too big, she's no use now, her insides are too torn."

They scooped me up, it hurt so bad, my blood was everywhere,
They never tried to help me, they didn't seem to care.

They took me to that big green field and laid me on the ground,
The smell was heaven and the ground so soft, I tried to look around.

They covered me with more soft soil, I had nothing to fear.
I closed my eyes and just relaxed, I knew the end was near.

No longer do I imagine the feel of human touch,
Or how it feels to run and play, here I have so much.

There is a great big colored bridge, and fields that go on forever,
I'm happy, I'm home, I'm someone's friend. It couldn't get much better.

By Kathy Coffman


This is Hannah, and before she came to live with us she was used as a breeding machine, then when she became too old she was thrown out. She hadn't been with us very long when this photograph was taken and you can still see the sadness in her eyes.
Hannah died 5thJuly 2001.

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