If only I could speak.

I arrived at your home sad and scared,
I could race no more.
You welcomed me with open arms,
With hugs and much, much more.

I had to learn just what to do,
In this house so fine,
You showed me where to eat and drink,
You have been so kind.

My life had been so lonely,
No one to cuddle up to,
But now I am so lucky,
I know that I have you.

I lie down beside you every chance I get,
I love you with all my heart.
You've showed me you are there for me,
May we never be apart.

When I hear you leaving
I know I must stay in my crate,
I stand there for a few minutes,
And wait and wait and wait.

But then you return to me
And my heart begins to race.
I realise you have come back to me,
You can see the happiness in my face.

If only I could speak to you
The way you speak to me,
The first words I would whisper
Would most definitely be.

I love you for your kindness,
For your warmth and caring ways,
For taking time to be with me
Each and every day.

Thank you for allowing me to be by your side,
To go for walks, play with toys, just to beam with pride.
I'll be your friend forever, untill the day I die,
When that day comes my friend, please try not to cry.

For I will be looking down from heaven
Upon my lovely old home,
Where hopefully another very lucky Greyhound
Will be fortunate to roam.

You can let him have my old bed, really I won't care.
It will make me feel good to know that he's happy with you there.
I know your heart will always have a place in it for me
Just as mine has one for you for all eternity.

I will always be close by my friend,
and this you will see,
For the warmth in your heart that you feel each day
Will most likely be coming from me.

So let more Greyhounds fill your life,
Now that I have gone,
Thank you my guardian angel on earth,
For all that you have done.

Stella and King

Stella and King

Two pics. on this page. I couldn't decide which was the best one, they are both lovely.
This is Stella and her boyfriend King. Stella has only 3 legs.
You can see her also on her own poem "Stella" on index page 1.

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