My name is Jade and I have it made.
I was dumped in Liverpool to become a stray,
soon I was staying at the R.S.P.C.A. and it was ok!

From there I went to Rob at The Grange,
who looked after me even though I had mange.
A lady called Carolynne took me home;
at last, I was not to be alone.

I made friends with her Greyhounds Lucy and Cassie,
they were lovely girls, the colour of Lassie.
The next day I chased her cat up a tree,
oh dear! That was naughty of me.

That afternoon I visited a lady called Jill
and in the end she said, "I will".
I was adopted quite soon,
I was over the moon
and now I have a family of three.

There is my human brother called Russell
his friends call him Brussel,
as in spouts, well I think they're louts.

My dads name is Chris
I think rhyming I'll miss.
Well now we are back to my mum,
I'll just roll over and she'll tickle my tum.

I love to go out in the car,
one or two shows, not far.
I was put in a class and came nowhere alas,
but its fun making lots of friends.
I went on holiday to Wales
I felt like a dog with two tails.

This beats being a stray on the streets,
one never knows who one meets.
So you see why my name is Jade,
and how I now have it made.
I am now at the end of my rhyme,
I'd better go, it's about time.

By Jill Stanley.


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