The Girl Who Stole Hearts.

My name is Jessica and I was living at the dog pound in Yorkshire until they found me a forever home. It was cold in my kennel, with no nice soft blankets to lie on, just a hard plastic bed. Dogs only get seven days on death row before the vet comes to put them to sleep. Sometimes we get to stay longer if the kennels are not full, and the atmosphere on death row is heavy with fear of what is to come. My time was getting near and my future looked grim, until the woman who runs the kennels rang someone she knew who might just take me.

I waited for a couple of days, until someone came to take me out of the kennel. Was I going to die? Would it hurt? A man put a lead on me and said, “Come on old girl, you are going home now.” He opened the boot of his car and I jumped in and lay on a big soft blanket. It took us a while to get home, but when I arrived I could not believe how many old dogs lived there. They were blind, deaf, one with three legs and all of them were wagging their tails at me! It was like a rest home for the elderly. I was given a big soft bed and as much food as I could eat. You see, I am a greyhound, and greyhounds do not find a home easily, in fact people do not know how quiet and loving we are. My new mum kept kissing and hugging me, and I knew then that the rest of my life was going to be filled with love in abundance.

Yes, I had arrived at Heaven on Earth, Home. Below you can see two pictures of me with my new friends.



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